Hong, JiYoon

Hong Ji-yoon (1970~). After graduating from the department of Oriental Painting at Hong-Ik University, She earned a master’s degree and a doctorate from Hong-Ik University. She held several Solo exhibitions at Pyo Gallery, Lotte Avenueel Art Hall, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art and TN Gallery in Beijing. And She won the 2001, 2003 Lorenzo il Magnifico Award at the Florence Biennale, the 2014 Seoul Foundation for Culture, the 2012 Korea Art Critics Association’s Outstanding Artist of the Year award. She participated in a number of exhibitions, including the 2018 Mokpo International Su-Muk (Ink painting) Biennale, the 2017 Pyeong-Chang Winter Olympics Memorial Gwanghwamun Media Pasad project, the 2016 Chang-won Sculpture Biennale, the 2015 Korea Tomorrow (Sunggok Art Museum), the 2014 Exhibition of Memorial for Choi Chi-won (Art palace Seoul), the 2013 Haein Art Project (Haein budist Temple), the 2012 Haean-dong 10-1 (Incheon Art Platform), the 2011 Exhibition of ‘I recommend this artist’ (Kim Dal-jin Institute of Art), and the 2010 Chun Sam-wol (Gwangju Museum of Art). And the Public Collections are Hongik University’s Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Government Art Bank, Eastern District Court, Gangnam District Office, Munich Culture department, Taiwan Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Hong Kong Fringe Club.
2012 Ph.D. in Hong-ik university Oriental fine art
92, 94 BFA, MFA in oriental fine art Hong-ik university


1995-2020 Korea, Germany, China, UK, HK
2020 Hongjiyoon Solo exhibition _ Flower, Cloud (3rd Museum, Seoul)
2018 Starry Light, Moon Light, Eye Light
(Lotte Avenuel Art Hall, World Tower Department, Jam-sil, Seoul)
2015 Art15London (Olympia, London, UK)
2014 Life is colorful in HK (Landmark north, Hong Kong)
2013 Let me to be sure some flowers in your mind
(Lotte Avenuel / Seoul, Korea
Lotte department store gallery / Ilsan, Korea)
2010 Life is colorful (Pyo gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2009 With big stride (gallery TN, Beijing, China)
2008 Photo works : Bohemian edition (gallery now,Seoul, Korea)
Dyeing fragrance ( 798 Cup gallery, Beijing, China)
Life is beautiful (The gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2007 Minstrel, romance, and fantasy (Munhwailbo gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2005 Moving ink painting and poem, ‘Four seasons’
(Art form new gate, Seoul, Korea)
Hongjiyoon’s art meets digital
(Kunst –Direkt gallery, Regensburg, Germany)
Searching for young-artist (Gana art Seoul auction space, Seoul, Korea)
Image & Text (Jinsun gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2003 The ‘Peng’ (Korean electronic center plaza gallery, Seoul, Korea)


2007,2014 Seoul foundation arts and culture (Korea)
2006 Munich cultural department, Villa Waldberta invitation (Germany)
2005-2008 Art council Korea (Korea)


2014 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture – Prominent Artist Award
(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)
2012 Remarkable artist award of the Year (Korean Art Critics Association)
2001, 2003 Florence Biennale (Historic fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy)
The “Lorenzo il Magnifico” award (Drawing and mixed media)
2004/ 2003/2002/ 2000 / 1999/1997/ 1995/ 1993/ 1992
Korea fine art grand exhibition (National contemporary museum, Gwachon)
1998 Joong-ang fine art grand exhibition (Ho-arm gallery, Seoul)
1994, 2002 The Dong-a fine art exhibition
(National contemporary museum, Gwachon)


2014 Fringe Club (HK, China)
2012 Incheon art platform (Incheon, Korea)
2006 Villa Waldberta _ Munich culture department invited (Munich, Germany)
2005 National contemporary museum Goyang art studio(Goyang, Korea)


2015 Asian Fusion (Art in Post, Seoul, Korea)
2009 Korean saurus _is beautiful (Joong-ang newspaper company M&B)
2006 Pray by Thich Nhat Hanh illustration (Myunjin publisher (Seoul, Korea)
2003 Time on Korean paper (Books & people Co. Ltd, Jungle press)


2014 Life is colorful in HK (Landmark North, Sun Hung Kai, HK)
2013 LG chungyoonJin (Seoul, Korea)
2012 LG hausys art wall paper (Seoul, Korea)
H&T art T–shirt project (Seoul, Korea), Seoul Design Festival (Seoul, Korea)
2011 Smurfflower 2011
by Hongjiyoon _ Lotte gallery+Sonypictures(Seoul,Korea)
Basic house _ Koreanity Graphic T-shirt (Basic House,Korea)
2010 Korea fashion culture festival (National museum, Seoul, Korea)
Lei See Campaign for Dalian Times Square
(Designed & producted by ARR, AllRightsReserved LTD,HK)
2009 Cow parade (COEX, Seoul, Korea)
Samchung –Dong info center (Samchung-Dong, Seoul, Korea)


MMCA Art Bank, MMCA Gorverment Art Bank
Gangnam-Gu borough office (Seoul, Korea)
Hongik University Contemporary Museum (Seoul, Korea)
Munich Cultural Department (Germany)
Hello Museum (Seoul, Korea),
Kunst-Direkt Gallery(Germany)
Regensburg Korean Catholic Church (Germany)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Taiwan)
Fringe club(HK, China) etc.



2018 MBC Cultural speculation [who are you]
2017 SBS News
2007, 2009, 2010, 2013
MBC Culture Meditation (Korea)
2005 KBS Digital Museum (Korea) 


Cheerfulness Museum (Seongnam Cube Art Museum, Seongnam, Korea)
Exhibition of Remenbrance, Gratitude and Peace for UN Veterans of Korean War
(Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, Korea)
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Incheon, Korea)
Be here now (Hanbyeokwon Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
Lee Ungno Museum Media Fasade : Lee Ungno, White Night and Light
(Lee Ungno Museum , Daejeon, Korea)
The moment of ‘ㄱ’(Seoul Arts Center Calligraphy Museum, Seoul)
Galaxy Studio by Hongjiyoon (Iksun-Dong, Seoul)
Exhibition for Over Drive 2009-2019(Incheon Art Platform, Korea)
International Su-Muk Biennale (Mok-Po Culture & Arts center, Mok-Po, Korea)
PyeongChang culture Olympic Media Fasade Project(Gwanghwamun gate wall, Seoul, Korea)
Embroider spring(Danwon Museum, Ansan art culture foundation, Korea)
DNA of Coreanity(Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeong-Ju,Korea)
Changwon Sculpture Biennale(Yongji Lake Sculpture Park, Changwon, Korea)
Painting, Paintings: Enraptured Beauty
(Art Gallery of Sejong Center for the Performing for the Performing Arts)
DNA of Coreanity (Milad Tower Exhibition Hall, Teheran, Iran)
Beijing Design Week <30 Designers’ City Project:Seoul> (Beijing 751 D-Park, Beijing, China)
Seoul Art Station Project(K-artist Project (Gangnam Bus Terminal, Seoul)
2015 Korea Tomorrow (Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea )
Beyond the Borders(Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul)
History and zeitgeist of Northeast Asia(Xi’ an Art Museum, Xi’ an, China )
Some Love (Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul)
Garden (MMCA, Seoul)
海東風流 Haedong_choichiwon (Seoul Arts Center Calligraphy Museum, Seoul)
K-P.O.P. : Korea- Process’ Otherness, Play (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Special Exhibition (Marco Polo Hotel, HK)
Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art (Fringe Club, HK)
Scent blossom (Ilwoo space)
Start-Play ( seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
Hangeul Flower, Hangeul Dream
(National Museum of Korean contemporary History, Seoul)
AMMA UMMA (India International Centre, Deli, India)
Hae-In Art Project (Hae-In Temple, Sung-Bo Museum, Hapchun, Korea)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair special exhibition (Western Chosun hotel, Seoul, Korea)
Play with the Letter (Jaha museum, Seoul, Korea)
Haean-dong 10-1 (Inchon art platform, Inchon, Korea)
Meditation of technologe – garden of media(Pohang museum, Korea)
The rediscovery of Korean painting(Sungnam art center, Sungnam, Korea)
I Recommend this Artist 31 – (Gallery Sub, Seoul, Korea)
Rainbow Asia – pearl of world art, East – Asia(Seoul art center, Korea)
Great pop art 20 (Guemsan gallery, Hyundai department, Seoul, Korea)
Close encounter (Jeju museum of art, Jejudo, Korea)
March _ spring (Gwangju museum of art, Gwang-ju, Korea)
Inter-nale (Sungkok art museum, Seoul, Korea)
From text to image (Suwon art center, Korea)
Bloom in color (Shinsegae gallery, Korea)
Incheon International women Biennale main exhibition
(Art platform, Incheon, Korea)
Hangul, design (Junbuk museum of art)
Meme Trackers (Song Zhuang art Center, Beijing, China)
changwon Asia art fair (sungsan art hall, changwon, Korea)
Karlsruhe art fair (Karlsruhe, Germany)
KIAF (COEX, Seoul, Korea) / SIPA Special exhibition
(Seoul art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Art Beijing (Beijing, China)
LG visual arts series – kaleidoscope
(LG-I gallery, Harrods .Ltd., London, England)
Flower, their beauty (Aramnury museum, Goyang, Kyonggido)
New & Now – funny nature (Gallery Now, Seoul)
New talents : freispiel (City hall gallery, Munich, Germany)
Schau’n ma mal, Langsam, Oder
(Munich culture department, Munich, Germany)
‘Hub’ national museum residence Goyangopen studio
(Goyangstudio gallery, Korea)
Portfolio 2005 (Seoul museum of art, Seoul . Korea)
Exhibition of Gun Choon Mun (Kumho museum, Seoul, Korea)


2012 Korean Artist Project
(The Korean Art Museum Association/ Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports& Tourism)
2011 I Recommend this Artist 31 –(Kim DalJin Art Research And Consulting )
2010 G20 ‘Korean Beauty’ 2010 Edition for Korean Art & Culture
(Korean Overseas Information Service,
Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Ahn Graphics)


– with Ando Tadao, Zhang Xiaogang (COEX, Seoul, Korea)
2012 TEDxUnist
(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea)