2008 Life is beautiful : Love

Life is beautiful : Love

Moonlit heart

Hope moonlit heart of mine
Would near to you

The third day of the month
From the center of the moon
Till the full amount of the moon
Hope moonlit heart of mine
Would near to you

Colder than the moon
Hotter than the moon
Neither red nor blue

Hope the moonlit heart
Would be left all the white

Talk to your mind

Days go by peacefully and fairly
Months go by without any quarrels or sorrows
A year's passing by without being hated or hatred

After time goes on

As if nothing has come up between us,
As like the first date, meet again with our bright look
Have the only pleasant story, let us promise.

All but,

I miss you so much.
At the word of first snow falling in the forenoon
Throbbed my mind a little
Possibly, if the snow comes again when around finishing work
You would think of me for once.
After the late lunch, as usual I am, took a sweet snap
Even in afternoon, with none of signs of snow falling.
As I feel another day has just gone, murmured to myself.
Upon the coming of the night, eventually snow falls
Perhaps now, you also miss me
Tomorrow morning all the snows would melt down
These feelings would also resolved away like lie
I, all but, miss you so much.

Only to be thankful

I cannot have you totally.
I cannot be free truly, hence.
As if it has consoled me in desperate with no hope of rewards
In these spring days
As if sounding, pure and soft snow falls
That shields my foolish eyes

Only the least facts about being able to see
Only the least facts about being able to live on
Only to be thankful
So, beautiful


Put some blue skies into a singular bag. Put songs similar to your voice into a singular bag, as well. And I present them to you.

Poems when not with drink, Poems when not with you

When I can see you

Have a drink
On your lips
Have a drink
On your neck
Have a drink
On your earlobe
Have a drink
On your shoulder
Have a drink
On your hair

And when I cannot see you

Poems when not with drink
Poems when not with you

Mayhap, Maybe

In the night of crashes of thunders and big rainfalls
To that much, I miss you really

Mayhap the edge of your tenderness would be spattered by raindrops
Mayhap your longed-for heart would be drenched too much by big rainfall
Mayhap your desire would be swept away by that rainwater
Mayhap, So, Maybe all those hearts would be wiped up away

Those thoughts piled on and on
Listening only to raindrops with laying off my work

I've remained as it is

I've remained as it is
Whereas the flower’s bloomed again,
Whereas you’ve come back to me again

I've remained as it is
I've remained as it is
I've remained as it is

Shades of your heart

Shades of tree shape the tree.
Shades of flowers shape the flower.
Shades of you shape me, myself.

Pellucid moon and A twinkling little star

Early evening on my way to you
Looking at the pellucid moon following me along the way
Boasting, pretending boasting, the lump of flowers blossomed only in my garden
Way back home with you,
Upon finding out a twinkling little star to my dazzled eye
Delighted as like I look into your heart

Pray or Plead: Chopin -Piano Concerto No.2 in e minor, op.21 1. Maestoso

Hope you freer as like a blue bird
Hope you softer as like flowing river
Hope you more pliant as like flying leaves in the air
Hope you more delicate as like the nameless tree with fine branches

Meanwhile I,

Hope you less freer as like the bird singing in a cage
Hope you less softer as like sea roaring inward
Hope you less pliant as like the last leaf onto the branch in the bleak winter
Hope you less delicate as like firm-rooted tree

Therefore we,

As like flower and vase-water never dry up, I wish we would love each other eternally.
Hope those things would keep the first moment
Hope these silly prayers were not in vain ever.